Using some techniques for cbt solutions

Distance measurement has become imperative in the art of engineering. Thus a more efficient, effective and realistic way of measurement has evolved.

The ultrasonic range meter surfaced to replace the existing crude way of measurement (i.e. measurement of distance using tape measure made of wood, metal or paper).

Ultrasonic range meter is a name depicting the function and the method used in achieving the device function.

Individually, the names can be defined as

  • Ultrasonic- describes sound wave that have frequencies above the upper limit of the normal range of human hearing, which is about 20KHz (i.e. sound that is high in frequency).
  • Range- area of effective operation; area within which or distance over which something can operate effectively.
  • Meter- device for measurement

Bringing these words together, they jointly mean a device employing very high frequency sound for measuring distance. Nature in the form of birds (bat) aquatics (fish and dolphins) and some reptiles such as snakes use sound /vibrations to measure distance.

The principle of working of this device (ultrasonic range meter) is based on transmitting a high frequency sound then taking note of the time it takes the sound to be reflected (i.e. time taken to reflect transmitted sound).

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