How theoretical Examinations could be stressful

In this page the administrator logs in with his or her username created in the database and also the password created or assigned to the administrator in the database.

The result of providing correct username and password in the login page takes the admin to where he would add questions and view student’s results i.e. The Admin User Interface. In a case of entering wrong username and password it would take them back to the Home Page.

As shown in Figure 2 above the Admin or Lecturer logs into the system in other to carry out operations like setting questions, viewing the result summary report to generate a complete list of student’s grade after their examinations among other things. The lecturer or admin always logs in with a pre-assigned and re-modified username and password.

In the Student Login Page the student logs in with their matriculation number and the last four digits of their matriculation number as password this allows them to view the courses and exam they are meant to take.


4.5 Add Exam Page

This is the page where the administrator or lecturer would the exam each students would take, this page is shown after the admin or lecturer might have logged in with valid password and username.


4.4 Student Login Page

After the student might have clicked the icon on the Home Page it leads them to where they would login with their details. This page is depicted in Figure 3.

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