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An Examination is the method used to know and evaluate the knowledge and ability of an individual. It is used in various institutions to evaluate how and what each student has learned in a classroom compared to other fellow students.  There are various ways examination is used to evaluate student performances in higher institutions ranging from oral and written examinations. There are different methods in which teachers set exams, one of this method includes the traditional examination way which involves the paper and pen examination whereby a student answers the examination question in an answer booklet and the question is also written on paper this examination is carried out in an exam center or classroom where invigilators prevents communication between students and also prohibit any other form of examination malpractice.

Although even with the invigilators and supervisors in the examination room during the paper based exams doesn’t stop or prevent examination malpractice in some Nigeria institutions, human error and also the grading process and the release of results takes months to be released.

But recently the inclusion of ICT in education has promoted the use of Computer Based Test in examination in some institutions which is now used over the Paper Based Test because it is not time consuming and prevents examination malpractice also the grading and release of results comes faster. An online assessment however, is expected to offer several advantages for the institution and the learner (Andrew et al, 2009). Computer based examination is the alternation to Paper based examination because it stores response, marking of response and providing a report of the results of the examination.

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