Problem of having Bad CBT In School

In Nigeria Computer Based Test is used to access students gaining admission into the university. The country is yet to fully implement the computer based examination in all aspect of the examination process by moving beyond admission exams. An examination body in Nigeria (JAMB) just implemented the use of (CBT) in their way of accessing students which is one of the big steps made by the government to promote the use of computer based test in Nigeria. Some institutions also have adopted the use of computer based test method to access their students, Schools that includes:

  1. i) University of Ilorin, Ilorin
  2. ii) Covenant University, Ota.

iii) University of Lagos, Lagos.

To mention few. The institutions mentioned have found a way to reduce examination malpractice by implementing the use of CBT in their way of accessing student knowledge. [8] With the use of CBT, the challenge of a delayed notification of a student total score after final examination on a particular course will be reduced.


Ayo et al (2007) proposed a model for electronic examination in Nigeria which enforces all applicants to be subjected to online entrance examination as a way of curbing the irregularities as in the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations.

  • Curbing Delay of Result
  • Preventing Examination Malpractice



The aim of this project is to develop a computer based examination system in tertiary institutions to prevent examination malpractice.


The objectives of these projects are;

  1. Develop a Computer Based Test System that manages students’ final examination, while taking into cognizance other aspect of assessment such as test, assignments and attendance for all lectures.
  2. Design a System showing the functional relationship between the student, the lecturer and the system administrator in a CBT System.

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